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Thank you for visiting our website. Execz Executive Placements is a leading Recruitment, Labour & Industrial Relations Consultancy and Human Resources Outsourcing company with its head office situated in Helderkruin Roodepoort South Africa.

The company services a vast number of medium and large corporate clients on the African continent and conducts business globally.  We are able to recruit in all provinces in South Africa and in all African countries and the UAE.



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Why to consider Execz as your company' service provider?

Contracting recruitment services from a professional agency has become increasingly popular amongst corporates as well as small to medium sized enterprises. For major businesses, recruitment services can ease the workload of the HR department in handling job vacancies. For smaller businesses, recruitment services can open access to a much wider pool of talent to keep the workforce competitive. No matter the size of business, hiring recruitment services from a recruitment agency has significant benefits. 

Recruitment services save time by eliminating the need to divert existing employees to place job advertisements, process applications or respond to unsuccessful applicants. Recruitment services can save money as employees aren't distracted by the need to fill another job vacancy and can remain productive in their day-to-day tasks - generating more revenue for your business. 

One of the biggest benefits of using recruitment services is the extended reach your vacancies will receive. Recruitment services take out advertisements in relevant publications and make sure your vacancy gets seen online in all the right places - not just their own website but on other online job boards. Like most fully-equipped HR departments, companies offering recruitment services will keep a record of all the people who have applied to them previously. Accordingly, a recruitment services company will have a significant pool of past applicants to work with. Should someone in their database suit your position, they'll approach them immediately to establish interest. 

Another key benefit of using recruitment services companies is the flexibility offered through the permanent or part time vacancy placement facilities. If your vacancy is only part time, for example, you could hire a worker for a limited period of time, fulfilling your needs without taking on the legal obligations of hiring a full time employee. If this position grows into a permanent need, you can often extend temporary contracts with the offer of a full-time position. 

Ongoing engagement with a recruitment services company leads to the development of a relationship, which will mean even greater success for you as the recruitment services company understands your environment better. A mutually beneficial partnership can see your costs go down as a reward for loyalty, or even result in better applications all round as the consultant from the recruitment services company becomes more familiar with your needs, adapts to suit them and proactively offers you business enhancing staffing solutions.

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What is High Performer Hiring?

High Performer Hiring (HPH) is a uniquely developed screening, interviewing and reporting model developed by Execz Executive Placements for the recruitment of Middle, Senior management employees  and  Executives,  including CEOs of medium to large companies

What does HPH entail?

Execz believes that all interviews, even a CBI, can be manipulated to a certain extend that can lead to miss-hires in companies.  Miss-hires are very expensive. Informed researchers based in the United States are of the opinion that a conservative estimate of the cost incurred when a miss-hire happen can be as much as 15 times the salary of the incumbent.

The alarming fact is that top companies in South Africa say that 80% of the people they hire can turn out as disappointments.


The answer lies in the hiring process.  General recruitment companies, even executive search companies used by at least 200 top international companies say that in their experience a mere 21 out of every 100 people (21%) they hire are high performers. 

The fact is, unfortunately, that a company is only as good as its best employees.    If companies are able to recruit high performers, these high performers will only hire other high performers. If a company has mediocre employees, these mediocre employees will only hire mediocre employees.

We all know that in large companies emphasis on the hiring process in the South African environment is to obtain the skill, which in itself can be scarse.   Does the scarcity of the right skills in South Africa limits a company’s ability to implement Topgrading? At Execz we believe that yes,  to a certain extend and especially true in highly specialised fields, such as Investment Banking, engineering and the Scientific Medical research fields. The top talent has either left the country or had become entrepreneurs in their own rights.  They are indeed difficult to find in the first place and how can we conduct HPH on perhaps one candidate only?  HPH isn’t only a screening process. In most cases it can assist in identifying the factors and behaviours that prevents a very talented individual to reach his/her potential and to become an A-player. A combination of EQ-discussions, Life Coaching and personal development programmes can assist the employee to rise above others.

But this all said, there are other fields Execz believes can be addressed using a combination of CBI and Topgrading, especially in middle management. In our minds business change is happening globally and companies employing best practice in the hiring process will in fact be the only ones that will grow succeed and become the top listed entities of the future.  Companies with another culture and that reckons that its ok to only have 10% of the total workforce as high performers (A-players) 80 % adequate performers (B-Players) and 10%  underperformers – will not survive the challenges of the future, why?   This practice actually means that it’s ok to have 90% of your employees (work force) to be mediocre. 

So how can HPH play a role to disqualify B-C players and get the right A-players into the organisation?

There are a few factors at play. Mong these are of course the HPH interview; then there is the screening process involving background checks especially focussing on past behaviours.  HR Scientists agree that past behaviour = future behaviour. The HPH background checks not only involve the candidate’s references. HPH involves researching further and much deeply into past behaviours.  The key is to look for the high performing behaviours and qualities in the person.  This underpinned with a few Psychometric tests including appropriate emphasis on EQ – will paint a very good picture, revealing the issues that needs to be considered.  Benchmarking with other available candidates on the shortlist is made to see how the one measures up to the other. The final decision remains with the employer after all the facts have been reported.  Execz will make recommendations based on its  findings but will never be prescriptive. No process, not even the Topgrading process is a 100% guarantee against a miss-hire. Similarly, the HPH process cannot guarantee 100%, however,  accuracy should be in the upper 90 percentile.

High Performers and their impact on the bottom –line

Research conducted by Illinois-based company, indicates that High Performers in an organisation can increase revenue by as much as 20% on the bottom line of large companies and corporates.


Please contact Execz' CEO for more information.



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